We aim to provide a comfortable, caring and pain free experience.

Over the past 35 years of dental services in Narre Warren and surroundings, We always committed to improve your oral hygiene and health. Make an appointment for quality treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.


Dental veneers are also referred to as porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates.

Basically, they are these thin shells of tooth-coloured materials that are custom-made for your teeth in order to fit perfectly.

They are used to correct appearance, chipped teeth, discoloured teeth, close gaps and correct certain types of mal-aligned teeth.


Victor Crescent Dental Clinic performs safe and efficient teeth whitening procedures.

As one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening will not only brighten your face, but will also enhance your overall look and confidence.

Using high-quality whitening gels, we guarantee that you’ll leave our dental clinic with gorgeously clean and white teeth.

Book an appointment with the dentist to discuss if teeth whitening is suitable option for you.


We perform extremely important oral assessments to help screen for oral tissue abnormalities.

These abnormalities may include potential cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues that aren’t apparent or even visible to the naked eye.

We then remove plaque and tartar, deep clean with high-powered brush, expert floss and then rinse your teeth. Our dentist sits down with you to discuss the various options available to make you proud of your smile.


Our Dentists preforms extensive examinations on both adults and children.

The examination involves examining all surfaces of the teeth and soft tissue, such as the tongue, cheeks and palate.

We screen for oral tissue abnormalities, including cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues.

Suspicious areas can be quickly investigated for confirmation of an oral disease.


Dental fissure sealants are a protective layer applied on the chewing teeth (the molars) to reduce tooth decay.

At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic we do the sealant quick and painless and can be done in a single appointment.

The process include: Clean and dry the tooth. Prepare the tooth surface so that the sealant bonds well. Paint on the liquid sealant, which will flow into the deep grooves and pits. Bond and harden the sealant with a strong light. Check your bite and polish off any excess sealant.


X-rays can help us evaluate and more accurately diagnose many oral diseases and conditions. Patients can rest assured that we use x-rays only in complicated cases or when absolutely necessary to provide quality and preventative dental care.

All our x-ray images are viewed in a digital format on a computer screen.

These x-rays allow us to:

  • observe the tooth root

  • find cavities more easily

  • observe the bony area around the teeth for health risks

  • monitor the status of developing teeth


Crowns are mostly used as a long-lasting solution for major dental cosmetic issues like broken or damaged teeth.

A dental cap is placed over the tooth to repair, strengthen and improve the general appearance of your teeth and smile.

The main function of dental bridges is to close the gap between missing teeth.

A set of properly fitted dental bridges will achieve the following.

  • replace missing teeth

  • restore chewing and speaking function

  • prevent remaining teeth from shifting

  • maintain face structure

  • reduce the risk of bone loss


A dental implant is a piece of metal that looks like a screw. It is put into the jaw where the missing tooth’s roots were. Over time, bone grows around the implant, which helps to hold it in place.

An artificial tooth, or crown, is then attached to the metal to fill in the gap left by the missing tooth. The crown is specially made to look like your other teeth in size, shape and colour.

Victor Crescent Dental clinic Dentists are specialised in providing best service with implants and bringing the smiles back to Narre Warren community.


You missing teeth, speak to us about getting dentures fitted made to fit your mouth.

There are 3 main types of dentures

  • A full denture rests on your gum and replaces all your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, or both.

  • A partial denture replaces some teeth and is held in place by clasps around your remaining teeth.

  • An implant-retained denture replaces one or more teeth and is fitted through implants in your jaw.

Dentures can help make eating and speaking easier for most people. If you don’t replace missing teeth, the muscles in the face will sag. Dentures can help fill out your face and smile with confidence.


A root canal treatment involves removing dental pulp by drilling a hole into a decayed tooth and removing the soft centre. The dental pulp is made up of connective tissue, nerves and blood supply, and extends into the roots of the tooth.

The crown, or surface of the tooth that is used for chewing, may also be replaced if necessary after the treatment.

Root canal treatment is the most preferred procedure which relieves dental pain and save your teeth. It treats root inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth.

Sometimes root canal therapy may be needed for a tooth with out symptoms. More commonly, the signs include:

  • severe toothache when chewing

  • sensitivity to hot or cold that lasts after the heat or cold has been removed

  • darkening of the tooth

  • swollen and tender gums

  • a persistent pimple on the gums or a hole in the tooth

  • swelling of the face or neck


Victor Crescent Dental Clinic provides tooth extraction surgery, which is sometimes referred to as exodontia.

An extraction may be performed for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay that has damaged enough tooth structure to prevent restoration.


Wisdom teeth usually grow through your gums in your late teens or early twenties. Sometimes wisdom teeth can cause pain as they grow through your gums.

Sometimes there is not enough room in your mouth for them, so they come through at an angle rather than growing straight, putting pressure on the next tooth or the gum (impaction).

They can also be difficult to clean, which in some cases may cause problems such as dental caries and tooth decay.

You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed if they cause problems, for example if they don’t come through properly, grow in a difficult position or cause infections.

Dental Emergencies

Victor Crescent Dental Clinic is your emergency dental centre for quick and professional treatment.Our Dentists are the best dentist in the region and can solve any of your urgent dental issues.

Our staff is here to help you at any time of the day for any kind of dental complication, we are there to get that in control.

With over 35 years of practice, our dentists can take care of your:

  • broken tooth repair

  • fractured tooth

  • toothache

  • tooth loss or trauma

  • emergency tooth extraction

  • loose or broken crowns

  • bleeding gum and gum disease

Splints & Mouth Guards

Have you ever woken up with a headache, neck, shoulder or back pain? Then you may have alignment problems with your teeth and jaw.

If you subconsciously grind and clench your teeth you may have Bruxism. This condition can cause chipping and cracking of your tooth enamel – resulting in uneven wearing of your tooth surfaces.  Our custom made splints provide the best protection against Bruxism.

Where as our custom-made dental mouth-guards provide the best protection for sports, they are shaped from mouth casts to fit precisely into your mouth over your teeth.