Mouthguards and Splints Near Hampton Park

Safeguard your teeth from avoidable injury

When it comes to health and wellbeing, prevention is always better than cure. At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic, we have a strong focus towards preventative dentistry, as we believe that this is the best route to long term oral health.

However, certain emergencies and injuries can really mar dental wellbeing. While nobody can pre-empt dental emergencies, one can definitely be prepared for predictable injury in certain cases – such as the ones caused by repetitive habits such as grinding teeth during sleep (bruxism) or those caused during exercising or playing a competitive sport such as hockey, football, skateboarding and the like. However, devices like mouthguards and bite splints can help protect our teeth from preventable injury. At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic, we offer custom mouthguards and splints near Hampton Park.

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