Emergency Dentist in Narre Warren

Timely Dental Care when you need it the most

Dental emergencies can crop up anytime, and they can range from unbearably painful to absolutely distressing. It is best to respond to those as promptly as you can. Timely treatment can reduce the intensity and severity of the problem, and can also prevent it from flaring up into something more serious, like losing a tooth when you could have saved it.

At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic, we want to be available when you need us the most. Our team at Narre Warren is always prepared for any kind of emergencies and are also available after hours and on weekends.

How to assess if you are having a dental emergency?

It can often be confusing to ascertain whether or not you are having a dental emergency. In times like these, you could just use one filter – if you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, then it is most likely an emergency. If there is low to moderate pain, you could opt for a regular consultation.


When should you see our emergency dentist?

If you experience any of the things below, you must reach out to our emergency dentist in Narre Warren immediately.

1. Broken or Chipped Tooth

This is a very common emergency, and could be the result of an accident or an injury. Broken teeth are vulnerable to the spread and growth of bacteria, which could later on cause gum disease. Seeking urgent dental care can give you instant pain relief, and can even help you repair or save your tooth.

2. Severe Toothache and Increased Sensitivity

There could be many causes for tooth pain – cavity, gum disease, fracture, infection or even a damaged nerve. In any case, there is no point in waiting if you have already tried home remedies like a salt water rinse and you don’t get relief from your pain. If you are having excruciating pain, please contact our emergency dentist in Narre Warren right away!

3. Continuous Bleeding of Gums

Bleeding gums need not always signal a cause for worry, as they could sometimes happen due to faulty brushing and flossing. However, if you experience unexplained bleeding gums that doesn’t stop, it could be a sign of periodontal disease, and you should seek urgent dental attention.

4. Swollen Mouth / Jaw

This is a clear sign of something wrong, and could signal anything from an abscess, gum disease or infection to cancer, in rare cases. You could experience pain, and in some cases, might even have fever. The sooner you address this, the better it would be as it would help you nip the concern in its early stages.

5. Broken Dentures

If your denture breaks or comes off, it could affect the basic functionality of chewing, and can cause avoidable discomfort. Our emergency dentists can help you get a temporary fix while your new set of dentures is prepared.

6. Lost or Broken Crowns / Veneers

A broken or lost crown or a veneer could result in increased sensitivity, as the tooth would be exposed. If this happens to you, you should preserve the crown if possible, and be careful about what you eat and drink.

Emergency dental care is designed to offer priority treatment when needed, and can make a huge difference to your dental health. If you are looking for an experienced emergency dentist in Narre Warren, feel free to call us right away!

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