Emergency Dentist Near Berwick

Timely Dental Care when you need it the most

Dental emergencies can crop up anytime, and they can range from unbearably painful to absolutely distressing. It is best to respond to those as promptly as you can. Timely treatment can reduce the intensity and severity of the problem, and can also prevent it from flaring up into something more serious, like losing a tooth when you could have saved it.

At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic, we want to be available when you need us the most. Our team at Berwick is always prepared for any kind of emergencies and are also available after hours and on weekends.

How to assess if you are having a dental emergency?

It can often be confusing to ascertain whether or not you are having a dental emergency. In times like these, you could just use one filter – if you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, then it is most likely an emergency. If there is low to moderate pain, you could opt for a regular consultation.

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