Dentures in Narre Warren

Replace Missing Teeth

With custom made dentures at our Narre Warren clinic

If you have one or more missing teeth for any reason, it can really come in the way of leading a normal life. Apart from the functional limitation with reduced teeth, missing teeth also have an impact on your smile and social confidence with respect to smiling and speech. Dentures are a popular removable prosthetic option to replace missing teeth, without compromising on the form or function.

There are also other options such as implants and bridges that can serve the same purpose. However, the selection of option would really depend on a host of factors, such as gum and bone strength, surrounding tissues and remaining teeth.

When does one need dentures?

Dentures however, can also help in other cases as well over and above missing teeth. Some examples:

  • Damaged or decayed teeth
  • Loose or unstable teeth
  • Sensitive gums
  • Chronic Toothaches
  • Difficulty in chewing certain foods

In all of the above cases as well, dentures can take the place of your natural teeth, and help you carry on with life as normal.

Different types of dentures

The procedure for dentures at our Narre Warren clinic

Our clinic has been serving the local community for over three decades, and continues to be among the most reputed clinics for those seeking dentures in Narre Warren.

Before even recommending dentures, our dentist does a detailed study of your jaw alignment and bite, to ascertain whether you make a good candidate for dentures. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, we move on to taking an impression of your upper and lower jaws and teeth as needed, in a way that won’t come in the way of your natural speech or chewing. We then send these impressions to our lab, which will make temporary dentures for you to try out. We will ask you to test these dentures for yourself, and make note of all needed adjustments before getting your final dentures made.

While dentures are removable, we take care to ensure that they look and feel just like your natural teeth, and that you are completely satisfied with your dentures. We are extremely committed to patient comfort and well-being, and use only the highest grade material and equipment available to make custom dentures that work well for you, and last for years on end.

Types of Dentures offered at our Narre Warren clinic

At Victor Crescent Dental Clinic, we currently offer two different types of dentures based on your needs and requirements:

  • Partial Dentures

These work great when you only have a few missing teeth along with your natural teeth. These fill in the gaps and take the support of the surrounding teeth. They also help prevent tooth displacement, by holding the natural teeth in their original positions.

  • Immediate Dentures

These are temporary dentures which we might recommend for some patients immediately after an extraction. Given that gums might take time to heal, and could also shrink during this period, immediate dentures can help the gums stay in good shape even as they heal.

Our team at Victor Crescent Dental Clinic have helped thousands of patients get perfect dentures, and live their normal lives and we assure you of the best care should you choose to get your dentures from our clinic.

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