Dental Implant Restorations Near Hallam

Fill In for Missing Teeth

With dental implants at our Hallam clinic

A missing tooth is an amplified loss. Apart from the obvious functional limitations with a missing tooth, there is also an undeniable impact on one’s self image and confidence – it can come in the way of an uninhibited smile and freely expressing oneself in social situations. Of course, there are a few cosmetic and restorative solutions when it comes to missing teeth, but none of these would really come close to what having a natural tooth feels like, unless it is a dental implant.

What are dental implants? 

Dental implants have been widely used as part of restorative dentistry for over three decades now. They are a preferred option to replace missing teeth roots, to mimic their form and function and serve as a reliable base to support crowns, bridges and dentures.

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