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When it comes to good oral health, it is best to start young. And this means following the right dental practices, adopting good dental habits and availing good dental care from the time a child starts teething, all through the formative years and beyond.

However, a lot of children have strong phobias about sitting in the dentist’s chair, and this could often result in delayed or missed treatments, which can be detrimental to their dental and overall health! The reason can usually be traced to their early experiences and conditioning, making them hesitant to any kind of dental intervention. Early experiences with dental care can have a strong influence on how children perceive dental visits, and this can carry on into adulthood as well. This is why it is important to ensure that these experiences are as pleasant as possible, so as to develop a positive mindset towards availing professional dental care as and when needed.

Moreover, the dental needs of growing children are different from those of adults. This is because the teeth, gums and jaw structure undergo significant changes as a child grows, and these are accompanied with varying levels of cognitive and personality changes as well. And this calls for experienced and empathetic dental care.

At VC Dental Clinic, we strive to create a child friendly environment for all young patients. Our principal dentist, Dr. Susan is well known for her gentle ways, and her ability to soothe and calm down both children and adults who are nervous about getting their treatment. Her kind and reassuring voice helps children gain the confidence they need to go ahead with their dental treatment without fear, making her a trusted child dentist in Cranbourne.

We also have a strong focus on preventative care as against curative care. Our team goes the extra mile in fostering good dental habits and inculcating the right knowledge in our young patients, as this will lay the foundation for good long term dental health.

VC Dental Clinic has been the dentist of choice for the Cranbourne and nearby communities for over three decades, and has been providing high quality dental care services to the complete family, including young children. We offer a complete array of general dentistry procedures, as well as emergency dental procedures and splints and mouth guards. We have been the preferred dentist across different generations in a family, and we regard this as a testimonial to our service quality.

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Narre Warren North,  Hampton Park, Berwick and cranbourne.

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