As veritable doctors for the mouth, dentists are the only people who can genuinely help with issues like gingivitis, impacted teeth, and more. Dr Susan with her immense experience in emergency, children, community, etc and captured some frequently asked questions from patients.

1  How do I get emergency dental care?

A dental emergency could be:

  • swelling of the face, especially if it is hard to breathe

  • trauma to the face, especially if it is hard to breathe

  • bleeding from the mouth that will not stop

  • an ulcer or sore in your mouth that has not healed for 2 weeks or more

  • severe mouth pain that keeps you awake

  • tooth fracture, an opening of the tooth’s nerve

  • significant dental trauma for example your tooth has been knocked out

Please contact your doctor immediately and ask for an emergency appointment. You can reach us by calling at 03 9704 6166

2 What helps unbearable tooth pain?

There are various reasons for a toothache, two of the most likely explanations are that you’ve developed tooth sensitivity or that one of your teeth is cracked or infected. Treating the cause of toothache should relieve the pain. Pain killers can act as an adjunct, again book an appointment and explain your situation to our friendly receptionist so they can book an earlier one based on the need.

3 What is the fastest way to stop a toothache at home?

It is not an easy task to bear tooth pain, painkillers may provide short relief but the cause of toothache needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Call your clinic and ask for suggestions, most of the times we will have an opening for patients who are struggling with pain. Send us an email if you cannot talk verbally, so e accommodate your needs.

4 What is the best painkiller for severe toothache?

Choosing the right painkiller is critical when you have acute pain. The type and dosage of a painkiller are different for each one. The effect varies for each individual, speak with your doctor who can prescribe you better medication based on your medical history.

5 How do you get rid of a toothache without going to the dentist?

There are various reasons for a toothache. Treating the cause of toothache should relieve the pain. Pain killers can act as an adjunct.

6 How can I get rid of a tooth infection at home?

Dentists usually prescribe a specific antibiotic depending on the type of tooth infection. There is no home remedy for tooth infection without visiting a dentist

7 How much does it cost to get a tooth pulled without insurance?

Dental procedures can be expensive but sometimes we have to get this done. Contact Us for detailed information on pricing.

8 Is it better to have root canal or extraction?

This could depend on various factors that need to be consulted with a dentist as it depends on the individual factors and medical history. Better to call or book an appointment.

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