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Dental X-Ray in Narre Warren

Victor Crescent Dental Clinic uses dental x-rays for accurate diagnosis and early cavity detection.

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Professional Dental Radiography

Victor Crescent Dental Clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality care to each patient. We have access to advanced technology that helps us improve your oral health, such as dental radiography (x-rays).

X-rays can help us evaluate and more accurately diagnose many oral diseases and conditions. Patients can rest assured that we use x-rays only in complicated cases or when absolutely necessary.

Making use of modern technology for better diagnosis

Dental X-Ray Narre Warren
Dental X-Ray Narre Warren

Why Use Dental X-rays?

  • observe the tooth root
  • find cavities more easily
  • observe the bony area around the teeth for health risks
  • monitor the status of developing teeth

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